Become a REXframe® Authorized Dealer

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Neo64-800pxWe’re looking for reputable, innovative sign companies and printers to become part of the REXframe® brand across America.

As a REXframe® Authorized Dealer, we will train you to sell, print, cut, assemble and install REXframe® for your customers and we will direct local sales enquiries to you. We offer you all the support you need and the secrets for success with REXframe®, ensuring that you’re confident in the product and its applications.

REXframe® is the next big thing in signage for events, exhibitions, conferences, retail, TV, stage and theatre sets, and it could be just what you’re looking for to build a new income stream for your business.

If you’ve got a great customer service culture and you’re looking towards the future of this industry, please email us and we will be in touch to discuss the finer details.