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What a huge start to the year we’ve had! We’ve got more dealers joining our network across the country and REXframe is being used to create some incredible results. From major sporting events to raising the profile of charities; from staging to retail and exhibitions, it seems that there’s nothing that REXframe can’t do!

We’ve also moved to bigger premises – check out details below!

If you’ve got great photos of REXframe in action, we’d love for you to send them to us to showcase your work. Send photos and brief job description to us at

We’re also really pleased to launch a design service to support our Authorized Dealers, free of charge. See details below.

If we can help you with your next exhibition, event or signage job, check out our list of dealers for one closest to you!

What’s in this edition:

  • 01   New LA Warehouse, Please change our address details
  • 02   REXframe®, Protecting the brand and the name
  • 03   Dealer Design Service, Support for Authorized Dealers, free of charge

01   New LA Warehouse & Warehouse Manager

warehouse1Due to product demand and new stock levels required to supply our distributors, we’ve had to move to a larger distribution centre.

We’re pretty excited about our new facilities and improvements to efficiently store stock, pack, dispatch orders and service our dealer network.

Thanks for the vote of confidence for this great product!

We’ve also welcomed a new Warehouse Manager to the team, Parres D. Borden. If you need anything, please give Parres a call to say hi or to make any stock or dispatch enquiries.


If you’re in the area and want to take a look through our showroom and distribution centre, please call to arrange a time.

Please make sure you update our address details for any deliveries. We are now at:

REXframe Warehouse
24844 Anza Drive
Unit C
Santa Clarita (Valencia) CA 91355

Phone 213 261 0095
REXframe warehouse is purpose built for efficient storage of all extrusions and tools, ensuring easy access and fast shipping.

02   REXframe® – protecting our brand

RYou will notice that our brand name is now a registered Trademark, with the letter R proceeding the name.

At REXframe we want to be the best in the world, the brand name that everyone asks for. We want to own this space, so it’s only right that we protect our name, product and brand.

The registered trademark symbol indicates a consistent level of quality, differentiates us from any competitors and is proven to instil consumer confidence whilst supporting stronger sales volume and margins. So it’s a win for us, for you and your customers!

Protecting our brand, registering the trademark and continually striving to remain market leader are all part of our commitment to our dealer network, allowing you to confidently recommend and sell a quality product.

03   REXframe® Design Service

REXframe offers a special support design service to all authorized dealers, free of charge.

If you have a concept you’d like to have designed, just roughly hand sketch the concept, note the sizes and send it to our Design Team at We’ll send you back CAD and 3D rendered plans including building instructions and recommendations.

Whether it’s a simple step and repeat wall, or a complex build, we’re happy to help and offer quick turnaround. Just let us know what you need. And the best part is, there’s no charge!

Design1Just send us a rough sketch with sizes marked.

We’ll send you back  CAD and 3D rendered plans including build instructions and recommendations

You’ll even have rendered images that you can present to your clients.



Want to know more?

If you are looking for a signage solution that is versatile, clever, user friendly and attention seeking. Look no further than REXframe.