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Welcome to the first REXframe eNewsletter!

This is where we will be giving you all the information you need to keep up to date with REXframe. We’ll tell you about new products and innovation, we’ll introduce you to the REXframe team and alert you to new features and additions on our website. We’ll tell you about shows that we’ve attended or planning to attend.

Right now we’re at ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida. We’re on Booth 375, so please come and see us (and see the story below for more details).

So stay tuned, and if there’s something you’d like to see in future editions, please let us know.

If you’d like further information, please email us.

WarehouseOur LA warehouse is fully operational and ready to shipping stock around the country to our Distributors!

This warehouse will make sure that if our Distributors don’t have something in stock that you need, it won’t be far away, and we can usually ship it pretty quickly from the REXframe warehouse.


Introducing Joe Terramagra – known as the “go-to” man in the digital textile printing industry in Southern California.

Joe is pretty pumped to be the REXframe Business Development Manager and representing such a great product that he sees as the missing link in this industry.



Come and meet the team at ISA International Sign Expo, Orlando

We’re proud to be part of ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida this week. We produced 26 lightboxes for Freeman at the registration desks, so make sure you check out the product in action!

We also have some great products on our booth for you to see, and will be giving our guests a sneak peak at our exclusive, soon to be released RGB lightboxes.

We’re on Booth 375, so please come see us and meet Joe and the REXframe team including the REXframe creator. He’ll be available to give you technical advice and insight into how REXframe can drive your business.

Just drop in, or if you want some one on one time, please email us to arrange an appointment.

We’re still recruiting dealers, so please come and see us to find out more!

Hope to see you there!

REXframe celebrates it’s first year!

We’re really excited to celebrate our 1st anniversary of REXframe in the American market, and from the feedback we’re receiving, it seems that you’re pretty happy to have us too.

We’re still recruiting Distributors and Dealers in the US, Canada and South America, so if you’d like to join the REXframe team, please contact us.

If you’re a designer, printer, set builder, event organiser or end user and you want to find out more about REXframe, please check out our Distributors and Dealers on our website. They’d love to help!


If you haven’t already seen our website, check it out! It’s got great images, video clips and a ton of information about REXframe.

As a Distributor or Dealer, you also gain access to a Members Only section that has instruction booklets, “how-to” guides, exclusive video clips and product news, behind the scenes photos, brochures, CAD & eDrawings, as well direct access to REXframe technical experts.

Contact us or your Distributor to find out how you can access this section.

If there’s something you’d like to see on the website, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


A Great Match for REXframe – PrinterEvolution and the Evo33 Series

At REXframe, we love to see clever innovation, and that’s what you get with the new PrinterEvolution and Evo33 Series printers.

PrinterEvolution is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Global Imaging.

The company manufactures the Evo Series, currently the best in class industrial grand format textile printer on the market today, and the Neo Series, a commercial textile printer with onboard fixation unit.

These revolutionary products are environmentally friendly and designed with technological advancements that outperform the highest quality printers on the market today. For further information visit or call 855-593-4089.


Featuring New Products

RX-410 Sample Kit is now available. This is the perfect sales tool, allowing you to easily demonstrate the REXframe system and each profile.


RX-309 LED Arm Light is on it’s way and will replace the RX-308 Halogen Arm Light.

LED offers superior lighting, is more energy efficient and the bulbs remain cool when in use – so safety is improved.


To find out more about REXframe, please visit our website at or email us.