Introducing RX-233 & RX-234

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108 & 110 Lightbox Cube Knuckles
Easy assembly
Creates cubes and 3d shapes
Seamless look

The Lightbox Cube Knuckles are specifically designed to work with the RX-108 & RX-110 Lightbox profiles. They are used create cubes and other 3d Shapes.

The sleek design blends in perfectly with the REXframe profiles and creates a seamless corner that can not only be free standing, but also easily rigged through the threaded holes on the underside of the knuckle.
The Lightbox Cube Knuckles are quick and easy to assemble and can help create a sense of depth and dimension to your lightboxes.

Click here to see RX-233 in action.
Click here to see RX-234 in action.

Click here to download spec sheet.