General FAQ

What's so good about REXframe®?

REXframe® is lightweight, easy to assemble, gives rich, vibrant colours, versatile in its application, and is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than traditional signage. We print using the highest resolution direct dye sublimation printers, guaranteeing a high quality result.content

Why is it lightweight?

The frame is made from lightweight aluminium and the artwork is printed on fabric.

How easy is it to assemble?

REXframe® is designed to be simple. All you really need are REXkeys and just follow the steps. If you get stuck and need help, just contact your Authorized Dealer for assistance.

Is it like assembling something from Ikea – promises to be simple but never is?

NO! We've tested it on 6 year olds and 80 year olds and they do it easily. Depending on the application, the installation may be tricky – especially if it's suspended, but your dealer should be able to offer assistance.

What tools do I need?

All you need for assembly is a simple REXkey. Just piece it together and secure using specially designed REXkeys. Tools may be needed to mount REXframe® to a wall, suspend if from a ceiling, attach it to a stand, etc

Why is it so rich and vibrant?

The artwork is printed directly onto high quality stretch polyester fabrics that are specifically designed and coated for dye sublimation printing. Then, with heat and pressure applied, the ink is fixed to the fabric. This gives a true, deep colour that is richer and more vibrant than traditional signage.

How is it printed?

REXframe® skins are usually printed on Mimaki JV5 320DS printers offering the highest resolution print graphics. Using water based ink, the artwork is printed directly onto the fabric which is then heat pressed to embed the ink. This ensures that the print remains rich, vibrant and colourfast.

What type of fabric is the graphic printed on?

We recommend high or medium stretch polyester fabrics that are especially designed and coated for dye sublimation printing. The fabric will remain taut within the frame and can be easily folded and stored when not in use. REXframe® profiles that will be back-lit using the Light Box, use a specific fabric that is purpose designed for this application. This fabric has excellent light diffusion, a matt finish and flame retardant.

Will it fade?

The REXframe® printing process provides the highest resolution colourfast print on the highest quality fabric in the market. The print is stable and will not fade under normal use. If it is placed in direct sunlight it may fade over time. This signage is most suitable for indoor use.

What if the fabric gets dirty?

Just place it in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent and wash on a gentle cycle with cold water. Hang it to dry in the shade. If it's only soiled in one small part, it may be easier to sponge clean.

Why is it so versatile?

REXframe® can be single sided, double sided, cubed, suspended, curved or used with a light box. Once the frame is installed, you can easily change the fabric skin. This is perfect for the retail environment as the skin can be changed seasonally, and the versatility of the frame profiles offers great solutions for exhibitions and events.

What options do I have with REXframe®?

REXframe® profiles are available in single sided, double sided, cube, suspension, curved and light box. All profiles are available in any size that you require. The frame can also be customised to fit your space.

How strong and durable is REXframe®?

Although REXframe® is made from lightweight aluminium and fabric it is very strong. It will hold up extremely well under normal conditions and is less likely to be dented, scratched or damaged than traditional signage. The fabric is a dense medium or high stretch polyester, which is also very durable. Under extreme conditions the frames can be dented or bent and the fabric can be torn. Care must be taken with REXframe® as with all signage and promotional material.

If a part is damaged, can I buy a replacement part?

Yes, you can buy parts and accessories and most items are in stock and available immediately.

Dealer/Distributor FAQ

Why would I want to become a REXframe™ dealer?

As a REXframe dealer, you can sell a superior product to your clients that is incredibly versatile and gives a great result. You will be at the forefront of your industry, selling a product that is the future of signage. If you are interested in becoming a REXframe dealer, please contact us.

Why would I want to become a REXframe™ distributor?

Becoming a REXframe distributor can provide a great income stream to your business. You will be selling and representing a product that is at the forefront of the industry and highly sought after. Only a select number of distributors will chosen across North America. If you are interested in becoming a REXframe distributor, please contact us.

How do I become a REXframe™ dealer?

To become a REXframe dealer you need to be able to cut and assemble the aluminium profiles and print the fabric. We provide training, printing instructions and ongoing support, ensuring that you are confident in selling the product and skilled in customizing and assembling the profiles. If you are interested in becoming a REXframe dealer, please contact us.

How do I become a REXframe™ distributor?

To become a REXframe distributor you need to have a warehouse or storage facility, solid infrastructure, a distribution network and a great customer service culture. You need to invest in an agreed quantity of REXframe profiles and supply the profiles to dealers. If you are interested in becoming a REXframe distributor, please contact us.

What’s the difference between a REXframe™ distributor and dealer?

A REXframe distributor holds stock and supplies dealers with the profiles and parts. A REXframe dealer orders profiles and parts from a distributor and supplies them to their clients. The dealer advises clients on the best profile to suit their need, they cut and assemble the profile, print the fabric and can often assist with installation.